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IPS Series Polyethersulfone (PES) Membrane Filter

Features and Benefits

1. Absolute rate inherently hydrophilic PES membrane filter for sterile filtration;

2. Highly asymmetric PES membrane provides high dirt holding capacity and longer service life;

3. Higher throughput and flow-rate than any other sterilizing grade filter cartridge;

4. Low protein binding, suit for a broad range of pharmaceutical products;

5. Excellent resistance to hydrolysis allows use in Ultra Pure Water(UPW) system;

Typical Application

1. Sterile fitration for water, mineral water, wine, beer and other beverages;

2. Ultrapure water and disk, display, multi silicon process water in electronic;

3. Fine chemicals, water process;

4. API, LPV, blood serum, biologicals, buffers and other pharmaceuticals;


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